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'In the Summer, all you hear, all day long, are skylarks.  And there’s loads of them'

A play, by its very nature, is temporary.  It is an event and an experience for both performers and audience.  The project needed something more permanent as a legacy, and what better than the voices of the interviewees themselves.  

We have gathered together all of the interviews and you can choose which ones to listen to by clicking on each link.   Our enduring hope is that they will be available in perpetuity and will indeed show the stories behind the concrete, cranes and construction.  They are proof of how lives can be at once ordinary and extraordinary and that it is people who create a community, rather than architects, planners and policymakers.

They are listed alphabetically, with some interviewees wishing to remain anonymous. We have divided them into 2 sections. The first section contains all the conversations carried out by our team of community volunteers. The second section contains conversations between those volunteers - they interviewed each other at the beginning and at the end of the project. 

The Interviewees

The Interviewers