The Production

'The estate feels like it's folk music, Grantchester feels like classical music and the rest of Trumpington maybe something in between'

Distilled from over 30 hours of interviews conducted with Trumpington residents, Trumpington Voices, the play, captures the essence of life here today. Using the words of Trumpington residents and performed largely by residents of Trumpington, the 'voices' of those who have lived here all their lives mingle with those of the most recent arrivals. This unique play expresses the hopes and dreams, the struggles and joys of people living in Trumpington at this time of unprecedented change.

Performances took place at the Clay Farm Centre on Friday 8th June and Saturday 9th June.  A copy of the script will be available at the library from the beginning of July 2018.

Directed by: Patrick Morris

Assistant Director: Kanika Clayton

Performers: Anett Lazar, Axelle Ghidossi, Barbara Burgess, Cassie Woodfin, Charles Van Heyningen, Emma Spearing, Freyja Woodfin, Helen Patterson, Michelle Johnson, Olga Ver, Peter Durrant